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While Billie recalls the details of her relatively brief life, Anneke is living like a hermit in a remote two-bedroom cottage on the edge of Dartmoor.

'I started throwing myself into the earth mother role.' Not long after that, Newley left to work in the U. It said: 'Get Wills aborted.' Abortion She recalls being taken by Newley's manager to see the two psychiatrists necessary to agree to an abortion. 'There were pictures of Joan everywhere,' she says. "' Anneke felt no guilt about Joan, instead revelling in the opportunity to get her own back on the woman who had lured away her love.

'It was obvious then what had happened.'But despite abandoning her in the most cold-hearted way imaginable, Newley continued to see Anneke. 'There was one amusing incident when we were both having our hair cut at Vidal Sassoon — I realised with horror that Joan was sitting the other side of the mirror. Within months she was pregnant again and determined this time that no one would take her baby. I said: "It's my baby and I am not going to claim anything or mention your name. It didn't matter to him that I was pregnant.' After Gough divorced his second wife, they married at Fulham register office on Valentine's Day 1965.

'He turned up at the flat in the middle of the night throwing stones up at the window,' she says. This is my baby and my life." ' By this time, while filming one of the Edgar Wallace mystery series, she had met Michael Gough, the actor who would later play Alfred the butler in four Batman films. Her daughter Polly, later adopted by Gough, had already been born and Anneke, then 21, was already pregnant again with their son, Jasper.

Early roles included a part as Roberta in the first TV version of The Railway Children in 1957.

Rada followed at 17, but she was already fast establishing her reputation as a wild child.

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