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As they drive back to Sam, Meg attempts to make Castiel remember but Dean shuts her down.When Castiel realizes something is up, Meg blurts out that Castiel is really an angel.In Reading Is Fundamental, Meg is by Castiel's bedside reading a magazine when Castiel awakens.Castiel is different though and begins commenting on how beautiful she is and takes a liking to her.The relationship between the angel Castiel and demon Meg was called Megstiel by Dean Winchester.Since they were polar opposites in their species, they were enemies and sometimes frenemies before eventually becoming allies.Castiel eventually remembers who he is and in order to save Sam, he takes on Sam's memories of Hell.With Castiel in a coma, Meg gets a job at the psych ward and stays behind to watch over him.

In Goodbye Stranger, after learning her location from a demon he captures and tortures, though he is unaware that it is her, Castiel rescues Meg from her demon captors.Castiel soon telekinetically moves a pipe down onto Meg which brings her inside the ring of holy fire.Meg is now inside the fire and Castiel attempts to kill her by touching her forehead, but it doesn't work.Out of options, Meg decides to stay back to fight in order to give Sam and Dean a shot at killing Crowley.In order to get a weapon, Meg kisses Castiel, taking his sword.

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