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Do you think he gives a shit about any of those girls? They’re all just numbers, and if he threatens enough girls with his tits virus, eventually someone will be dumb enough to cave.

As I ventured into online dating for myself, armed to the teeth with skills, I conducted a highly scientific, postmodernistical experiment from the future: I created two women’s profile to see how many messages I would receive.

Go ahead and click the image below for the full size. Essentially, the theory states that normal humans become complete fuckwads online. She laughed, and told him to go fuck himself, but that didn’t stop him from threatening her some more for another ten minutes.That’s the equivalent of being approached at a bar by 200 different guys. They’ll lie through their teeth, because as her standards go up, their lies need to go up too.She will obviously receive a crazy ego boost, as all of a sudden she’s a hot commodity. Dudes will go to any length to get laid, believe me, and if that involves putting up a fake pic of sixpack abs and filling their profiles with a million dollar job, condo in Monaco, and private jet, they’ll do it.Yep, we geeks are lazy, and love being online as much as we can.As geeks, we have a tendency to avoid confrontation in the real world, be it at a club, supermarket, or your buddy’s living room.

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