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They probably used water transport, using rafts during the rainy season up the Ganges, Jumna and Betwa rivers.On the basis of Ashokavadana, it is presumed that the stupa may have been vandalized at one point sometime in the 2nd century BCE, an event some have related to the rise of the Shunga emperor Pushyamitra Shunga who overtook the Mauryan Empire as an army general.The capital consists in four lions, which probably supported a Wheel of Law, The Ashokan inscription is engraved in early Brahmi characters.It is unfortunately much damaged, but the commands it contains appear to be the same as those recorded in the Sarnath and Kausambi edicts. path is prescribed both for the monks and for the nuns.

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These elements are dated to circa 150 BCE, The stupas which seem to have been commissioned during the rule of the Shungas are the Second and then the Third stupas (but not the highly decorated gateways, which are from the following Satavahana period, as known from inscriptions), following the ground balustrade and stone casing of the Great Stupa (Stupa No 1).Sanchi was also her birthplace as well as the venue of her and Ashoka's wedding.In the 1st century BCE, four elaborately carved toranas (ornamental gateways) and a balustrade encircling the entire structure were added.With its many tiers it was a symbol of the dharma, the Wheel of the Law.The dome was set on a high circular drum meant for circumambulation, which could be accessed via a double staircase.

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