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Draw length is altered by either moving the module on the bottom wheel or fitting a new module.

Changing the draw length on a Darton requires the use of a bow press.

The PSE Hybrid cam uses modules top and bottom to adjust draw length.

These can simply be screw on without using a bow press. The setup time on a Hoyt is significantly more than the Darton since the timing must be perfect.

While the cam is basically a CPS its tunning is more like a twin cam.

Its draw stop will be more solid than the Darton CPS cam however you must ensure the bow is in tune.

The new PSE X-Force obtains 350 FPS using the Hybrid cam system. The AXE has module adjustment top and bottom wheel, The Omen is a set draw length and the Vendetta uses a single module adjustment. Bow Length Today compound bows come in various lengths from 30" to 45". If you are intending to shoot fingers then a bow around 40" is preferable, as the shorter models may cause finger pinch.

The Merlin Cam looks the same as the Darton however the draw length can be changed by modules without using a bow press.

What difference does the wheel, limbs and riser make?

How does brace height affect the performance of a bow?

Alpine - A small company make a solid bow - I dropped the line when they did not fix warrenty items. Bear Archery - Bear archery is one of the oldest bow companies.

It has had an amazing history since Fred Bear, however in the past 5 years Bear has really started to produce bows which are successful.

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