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" says Abigail Salyers, Ph D, president of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM).Common cold germs, like most viruses, die rapidly, and thus may be less of a threat than you think.But for most of us, public toilets are actually a bit scary.If you squirm at the thought of creepy germs lurking on toilet seats and faucet handles, you probably spend as little time as possible in the restrooms of your office building, not to mention those in restaurants, hotels and (God forbid! And during those nerve-wracking moments when you dare to venture into the confines of the bathroom, you may find yourself pushing open the stall door with your elbows, crouching precariously above the toilet seat rather than letting your skin touch it, and flushing with your shoe.A spokesman said: 'This can not only cause problems for people at home, but clogged sewer pipes can cause flooding of untreated sewage into homes, gardens, streets and even end up in rivers, the sea and on beaches.'Anglian Water, which said the fatberg was 'entirely avoidable', has now issued a desperate plea to residents not to flush wipes, nappies and condoms down their loos or to send cooking oil and grease blobs down their sinks.

The water company is now appealing to households to stop flushing used condoms, wipes and sanitary towels down the toilet after finding a staggering 21 tonnes of the products blocking loos in Lincoln.

No doubt about it, there could be a witch's brew of germs wherever you turn in public restrooms.

Many people consider toilet seats to be public enemy No.

I'm not proud of any of this, and I began to wonder how - in the space of just a few days - my business meetings with Max Clifford could have possibly turned into what it was becoming.‘After she exited, and as our meeting was coming to a close, Max made it clear that I was to go to the toilets outside the main office door when I left, and to wait for him in there.

‘But Max,’ I said nervously, ‘What if any of the girls out in the office see me going in there and you coming in?

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